Student Spotlight – Sandy Shea tells WM how Kundalini Yoga changed her life

1. How long have you been doing Kundalini Yoga?

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for about five years now. I used to take a meditation class at Wild Mountain that began as one of the Kundalini classes was ending. All of the students always came out of class as if they were “buzzing”. Even though I was intimidated by that energy, I was encouraged by a friend to check it out. 

2. Are there any issues in your life you feel like Kundalini has helped you with? 

Kundalini has helped me with every aspect of my life, from grief, to motherhood and marriage.  I walked into the KY class overwhelmed with despair, depression and a heaviness that that was seemingly unbearable.  Quite frankly, felt like nothing could help me and I was at a loss. I went to the KY class just to try something different. I thought it was weird, and not the physical workout I was used to from yoga. I thought nothing more of it until the next day – I was incredibly surprised that the feeling of “heaviness”  had dissipated,  or at least I felt much lighter. I was shocked at how powerful this shift was, and immediately went back for more.

I have been practicing ever since. With all of its aspects – the warm-ups and asanas, the meditations, the mantras/chanting – I am able to direct my energy more clearly and set intentions for myself that enhance my life on a daily basis.

3. Kundalini stresses the importance of daily sadhana. Do you have a daily sadhana? What is it?

I do have a daily sadhana, and have been able to keep up with that for about the last two years. It always consists of tuning in a specific kriya (A kriya is a set of exercises taught together for a desired effect, and it’s how KY is structured. Read more here.) to move energy which prepares me for a specific meditation. Right now, I am “assigned” a daily sadhana through my KY teacher training called “Preporatory Exercises for the Lungs, Magnetic Field and Deep Meditation”. We will do this sadhana for 40 days, which is the amount of time recommended to change patterns and habits. The longest I have stuck with a specfic kriya is four months, and it was super powerful.  ,  , erotik film izle , gaziantep rus escort

4. Wow. I just looked at that kriya. It looks intense, but awesome.  You go to KY about 2x a week, and you work, and you have two kids. How do you manage to always make KY a priority?
One thing I love about KY is that it is really fun for me, so it is easy to prioritize. It is a lot of work, both physically and mentally, but somehow I forget about the work after each practice because I am feeling the results of that practice. I prioritize going to classes to keep up my momentum, and the group energy is extremely powerful and supportive. There is a local and global community aspect to KY, as if we are all working towards a common goal, and feed off of each others energy. It is very motivating!
5. What are some of your favorite kriyas?  Some favorite Kundalini musicians?
I am really into what is called the laya meditations. It always involves a chant, usually Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru, where there is a certain rhythm that you chant the mantra to. These have been the most powerful for me.As for musicians, I am in love with Jai Jagdeesh, Simrit Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Snatam Kaur.