Genna Pieri

Genna Pieiri

My personal yoga practice mostly unfolded here at Wild Mountain Yoga. It supported me to be a strong, heart-centered teacher to my many fairy godchildren at my home-based Waldorf Preschool, Fairywood. I retired from teaching preschool to pursue my own deep healing with yoga and meditation in nature. My journey brought me to the realization that the greatest service I can offer now is to teach Kundalini Yoga. I believe that consistent practice quickly heals the nervous system and clears the cache of the subconscious so that we are free to be more of who we are, our radiant, dharmic self, our sat nam.  After a year of teaching Kundalini Yoga to students from 4-88 years old at Heartwood Institute, I have come home. Please join me in raising our personal vibrations, and the vibration of this precious planet.