Amanda Serene Dozal

Studio Owner/Director | 500-ERYT

Yoga is a true form of art, and when practiced it calms the mind, frees the spirit and is a direct guide to opening our hearts. In essence, it has the power to heal and make us whole.

-Amanda Serene Dozal

“In 1997 at the age of 18, I began diving deeper into spiritual and occult practices during my pregnancy. Without ever stepping into a yoga room I knew it was my calling to serve. My classes and teachings reflect a love, devotion & passion to the ancient science and art of yoga. I am continually finding inspiration from this mundane life , the mystery of nature,  my teachers, my  studentship, the lineages and practices that are deep in my heart. I am honored to share this path with you all. My deepest guru gratitude to my son Bear. You have shown me unimaginable beauty. OM tat sat om”

Amanda has been certified since 2002 and teaching full time since 2005.   Unifying the technical with the mystical, she believes in a foundational meticulous approach to understanding the complex system of yoga. She has spent the past 22 years immersed in practice and study, blending her beloved foundation of Kriya Yoga with the brilliance and beauty of Hatha lineages including, Iyengar & Anusara yoga , Kundalini /Laya practices and philosophies.

Amanda is the director of Wild Mountain Yoga Center and founder of  The Heart of Hatha training programs and immersions. She has taught at, managed and owned studios across the North and Mid-west for 20 years. Rooted in the Sierra Foothills on a beautiful piece of land with 3 generations, she continues to teach publicly & privately offering weekly classes, workshops, mentoring, spiritual counseling & teacher trainings locally and nationally.