Wild Mountain Yoga Opening in Grass Valley

Dear Wild Ones

I am extremely excited to announce Wild Mountain Yoga’s upcoming expansion into downtown Grass Valley. The space, formerly ‘The Loft’, is gorgeous and made for doing yoga. It has been a dream of mine to make yoga more accessible to the greater community and am thrilled to share this with you all.


121 S Church Street
Grass Valley

We will now have 2 locations: Wild Mountain Yoga Nevada City and Wild Mountain Yoga Grass Valley. There has been a little confusion surrounding this.

So, why are we expanding into Grass Valley? Simple. The community. Wild Mountain Yoga has transformed over the past 5 years. We are blessed to have such a professional, stellar staff and an amazing studentship. I have wanted to open another studio for years and now have dedicated teachers and students to build that dream with.

Wild Mountain used to be a studio where noticeable ‘favorite’ teachers had huge classes and followings while other teacher’s class attendance remained small and difficult to build. This dynamic has significantly changed. If you’ve been to Wild Mountain lately, you’ll notice that our classes are well attended with a steady number of students. Some classes are even bursting at the seams. I see this growth as a result of our teachers and students being more dedicated to the practice of yoga than ever before. I want to give all teachers a chance to teach more, to reach more students, at more and varied times of day. Any teacher who has the drive and devotion to make yoga their career should have the chance to do so. When great teachers can truly serve at their highest capacity, everyone benefits. bedava bahis

With more and more folks coming in these days, the more we hear about their varied needs. Some students would like more lunchtime classes, another wants classes for people with injuries, another wants more advanced classes with inversions and challenging poses. A lot of students live and work in the Grass Valley area – a closer more accessible location with more times and options will allow them to practice more easily. We are here to serve, right? It is my mission that every single person in Nevada County who wants to practice yoga has the chance to come into Wild Mountain. We are helping and changing people’s bodies and lives for the better and I want to reach all who are hungry for this transformation.

When I first moved here I use to wonder what brought me to Nevada County. The answer is now beyond clear. It was to build a super strong sangha (community) in a super special space. Wild Mountain Yoga is my heart and home and I thank you all for being part of our wild family. Erotik Film, Erotik Film izle


Amanda Serene Dozal


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5 replies
  1. Maureen Day
    Maureen Day says:

    So, did you merge with The Loft, or buy it out? Are the same teachers still there? I have two classes left on my card for The Loft–will you honor them?

    Peace and Thank you,


    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Maureen,
      Wild Mountain has leased the space.
      It will be the same staff as WM NC. We are also adding a few new teachers to the schedule. More information will be posted on the website soon.
      Thank you for your post

  2. valerie hummingbird
    valerie hummingbird says:

    Aloha Amanda,
    you have been on my mind. I’ve been meaning to connect with you and thank you for the sound healing you gave me a while back that Sara gifted me. I am doing well and have decided to move back to Nevada City, CA I am excited about your expansion and plan on spending more time doing yoga. I am very into Kundalini yoga. Do you offer that in Nevada City?

    • Amanda Dozal
      Amanda Dozal says:

      Hi Sweet Valerie,
      I’m happy your back:) Would love to hear from you.
      Yes, Kundalini is happening every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 5:30pm. Tuesday morn 8:30am and Fridays @ 4:30. We will also be offering more at the new GV location but I know you are close to NC. Hope to see you soon.

    • Amanda Dozal
      Amanda Dozal says:

      Valerie, Wah! will be here March 29/30th performing a sound healing workshop. You would love her.

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