Taya Malkian Kundalini Workshop

Sat, March 7th
$30 Advance
$35 at Door

Women & The Moon

A Kundalini Workshop with Taya

We all know that there is a special connection between women and the moon. We can take this deeper as there is a profound yogic science that explains the specific ways the moon influences a woman’s
emotions and state of being.

This information is essential for women to navigate life with grace and strength. It is also very helpful for men to understand how this cycle effects the women in their life as well as how to use the moon centers for enhancing pleasure.

In this workshop you will learn the method of understanding your own or your partners cycle through the moon centers. You will learn how to easily track these cycles, what to expect during each cycle and the practices to help balance the transitions through the different moon centers. You will also learn how
to use the moon centers to enhance love making.

In addition to a lecture, we will practice yoga sets and meditations that balance the moon center energy.

Location & Directions

Wild Mountain Yoga: 574 Searls Avenue, Nevada City