Shoshi London yoga

Shoshi London has had an appreciation for the healing abilities of movement and breath ever since falling in love with dance as a small girl. She first discovered the amazing effects of yoga when she was living and traveling in Israel, and joined a dance studio near her apartment that also offered yoga classes. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a foreign city, the yoga classes offered a doorway to serenity and peace. She has been avidly practicing yoga ever since, and in 2010 realized that she wanted to share this joyful passion with others.

She trained at the Shoshoni Ashram just outside of Boulder, Co. where she studied in the lineage of Shambavananda. She continues to be inspired by her students, her teachers, and her own personal practice.

Shoshi loves to explore the potential of the human body, and is constantly amazed to see what people are capable of. Her calling in life is to be a healer, through the modalities of movement, and food as medicine and connection to the earth. When she is not practicing yoga, she might be found dancing, practicing thai massage, playing in her garden, geeking out on wild edible and medicinal plants, making healthy yummy food, climbing aerial silk, or enjoying time at the river.

Shoshi teaches a gentle yet challenging Hatha style class that incorporates a flowing sequence of asanas and deep breath awareness. Her classes are intended to awaken awareness of your breath, help you cultivate loving compassion for your self, and also build balance, strength, and flexibility. She teaches to her students needs and ability levels, and all levels of yoga practitioner are welcome!