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“Hatha yoga is a true form of art, and when practiced it calms the mind, frees the spirit and is a direct guide to opening our hearts. In essence, it has the power to heal and make us whole.”

amanda serene dozal

Teacher Training Immersion

125-hours | The Tools to Teach

Designed for new and seasoned teachers and practitioners. This training will give you the knowledge, hands on skills and certification required to successfully teach. With a unique, high caliber staff of national and international teachers, it is our goal to prepare and inspire you towards a path and practice of presence and peace.

Develop greater knowledge and understanding of strong foundational joint and bone alignment in asana. Yoga is about finding deep strength and stability before stretching, a concept often misunderstood in Hatha Yoga. Empower yourself through greater understanding of pranayam, poses and why you do what with a purpose. Teaching should be of reason and not creatively random. Learn the why’s and how’s and the do’s and dont’s of traditional practice.

Prerequisite: 200-hours of Hatha yoga training or 125-hours with Heart of Hatha

Foundational Asana Practice

Learn the tools & techniques to be an effective teacher. Whether you choose to teach or not these practices will empower you to communicate with confidence, and navigate life with clarity and direction. Daily foundational asana practices are taught with precision and detail, you will gain the knowledge necessary to practice and teach proper alignment. 

Wah! Presents

Join special guest teacher Wah! to learn about the mystery and power of sound. This weekend will focus on the power of receptivity, how to use mantra, kirtan and sound to access and explore your potential. Wah! is world-renowned as a pillar of mantra and modern kirtan music. She travels the world performing healing concerts and lectures.

Nada Yoga: The Power of Receptivity

Powerful Teaching Tools

  • Techniques

    Learn Demonstration, Observation, Assisting and Correcting Techniques

  • Philosophy & Self Inquiry

    Study yoga philosophy, traditional texts, and refine your goals and intentions

  • Confidence & Clarity

    The practices in this training will build the confidence required to communicate and live with clarity and peace

The Instructors

Amanda Serene Dozal

Her teachings reflect a love, devotion and passion to the science and art of yoga. With an accessible yet challenging approach to yoga, she is known for her strong foundational practices, intelligent articulation, clarity and precision in and outside of the studio setting.  She has spent the past 13 years immersed in practice and study, blending the brilliance and beauty of Kriya, Iyengar, Kundalini and Anusara yoga practices and philosophy.

Guest Instructor


Recognized as a pillar of mantra and modern kirtan music. She travels the world performing healing concerts. She has performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Neale Donald Walsch. In concerts, festivals, lectures and workshops, Wah! uses her deep understanding of music and healing to create high energy experiences that are transformative and expansive.

Dates & Details

August 19th-23rd

8:00am-4:00pm daily

October 16th-18th

8:00am-4:00pm daily

December 16th-20th

8:00am-4:00pm daily


$3,000 if paid in full by first weekend
$3,600 if paid in payments

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