Bolstered from Within

Weekend Workshops with Christina Sell

As much as yoga practice can offer us a “time-out” from the stresses of life, yoga also offers a clear pathway for taking what Christina Sell refers to as a “time-in.” Practicing yoga as a “time-in” returns us- sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly–  to the source of our wholeness and wisdom. Hidden in every alignment instruction, in the form of every posture, and in the challenges and triumphs  of the asana practice,   are tools and techniques for accessing inner strength, insight, hope and healing. When we make regular and reliable contact with our inner resources, we  find we are  bolstered from within– sustained by an invisible, yet tangible experience of what is good, true and beautiful within us. This connection does not always change the outer world, but it does provide sincere practitioners with touchstones of courage, resiliency and tenacity needed to face the inevitable challenges of modern life. Join Christina Sell for an inspiring weekend of asana studies designed to help you bolster yourself from within.