Breaking The Mask – Wild Mountain Yoga Studio

Breaking the Mask

There is a pure and perfect self that can remain hidden under the layers of past patterns, fear and insecurities. There are masks that we wear to survive the challenges of life and hide our pain. These “masks” may feel like protection but they only hold us back from sharing our gifts and living fully. It is in the face behind the mask where our true beauty lies, our true power lies.

Through yoga and meditation practice we can unearth our authentic self and bring it forward as our empowered identity. In this workshop, we will practice powerful kriyas for connecting to the core of who we really are. We will use meditation to break through the masks that no longer serve us. We will experience our truest self in a lasting way that will guide as we navigate our lives and relationships. This workshop is open to all levels.

Saturday July 11th | 2:00-5:00pm | Nevada City

574 Searls Avenue Nevada City