Day One: Gettin’ Into The Core

Saturday August 17th 3:00pm – 5:30pm

The dictionary says that the core is “the central or most important part of something.” Often neglected in an asana practice, the body’s core is an essentialpart to awaken, strengthen and lengthen for the health of our spine and our entire body.We will be spending timedoing all of these things and examining the essential part of the core in various foundational asanas (postures).

Day Two: Backbends That Feel Good!

Sunday August 18th 10:00am – 12:45pm

So often, the gauge of a successful backbend is how deep the bend is and how it looks.  This workshop challenges that concept and will NOT be focused on the exterior form but how it feels from the inside out.  We will use what we learned on Saturday and add to our understating by breaking down some of the keys that make the backbends feel delicious at the moment AND the next day!




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