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The Heart of Hatha Presents

200-Hour Teacher Training

with Amanda Serene Dozal

Find Your Foundation 200-hour yoga teacher training is a Yoga Alliance registered program designed for new and seasoned practitioners looking to begin and or to deepen their understanding of yoga.

With a unique, high caliber staff of national and international teachers, it is our goal to prepare and inspire you towards a path and practice of presence and peace. This training will give you the knowledge, technique, hands on skills and certification required to successfully teach.

Develop greater knowledge and understanding of strong foundational joint and bone alignment in asana, and why yoga is about finding deep strength and stability before ever stretching which is greatly misunderstood in Hatha Yoga.  Empower yourself and your students through greater understanding of pranayam, poses and why you do what with a purpose. Learn the why’s, how’s, do’s, and dont’s of practice.

Yoga is a true form of art, and when practiced it calms the mind, frees the spirit and is a direct guide to opening our hearts. In essence, it has the power to heal and make us whole.

Amanda Serene Dozal


Amanda Serene Dozal

Lead Instructor | E-RYT 500

Amanda has been certified and teaching since 2002. She has taught at, managed and owned studios across the North and Mid-west. With an accessible yet challenging approach to yoga, she is known for her strong foundational practices, intelligent articulation, clarity and precision in and outside of the studio setting.  She has spent 20 years immersed in practice and study, blending the brilliance and beauty of Kriya, Iyengar, and Anusara yoga practices and philosophy.

Guest Instructor

Edwin Bryant Ph.D

Guest Teacher

Edwin Bryant received his Ph.D in Indic languages and Cultures from Columbia University. He taught Hinduism at Harvard University for three years, and is presently the professor of Hinduism at Rutgers University.

As a personal practitioner of yoga for 40 years, a number of them spent in India studying with traditional teachers, where he returns yearly, Edwin strives to combine academic scholarship and rigor with sensitivity towards traditional knowledge systems.

Jai Dev Singh

Guest Teacher

Jai Dev is a yogi, teacher and practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine. He has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over ten years and posseses great knowledge and experience of the yogic and ayurvedic sciences. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and formerly served as the Clinical Director at the California College of Ayurveda as well as the director of the college’s Pancha Karma Center and Ayurvedic Spa.


Guest Sanskrit Teacher

Founder of Sanskrit Studies, Manorama offers a direct, easy and joyful approach to learning Sanskrit. Combining her earthly charm with a healthy dose of humor, Manorama guides students in bridging the ordinary with the spiritually sublime. She teaches full-time in New York.

Colin Phipps, Doctor of Chiropractic

Guest Teacher

As a chiropractor, I embrace a holistic approach to wellness, in which health is not defined by the absence of disease, but by the full expression of life. Together, we can maintain optimal alignment of structure and proper tissue tone to facilitate the natural ease and mobility of your body. We can improve the quality of your life by increasing your body’s ability to adapt to deal with injuries and stresses from the environment.

Asana Practice & Study

A traditional approach to foundational principles of divine alignment. Daily practice & study of the physical, energetic & spiritual aspects of asana. Learn proper spine, bone and joint alignment through traditional asanas.

Philosophy & Self Inquiry

A process of lecture, journaling and group discussion about the concepts, ethics and practice of self-awareness. A more in-depth look into each of the eight-limbs on the yogic path.

Morning Ritual

Each morning practice begins with chanting mantras and breathing practices known as pranayama. Learn the meaning and relevance of traditional Sanskrit mantras. Study the power and potential of classical breathing practices.

Teaching Tools

Learn essential communication tools, class sequencing, adjustments. Whether you choose to teach or not, these tools will undoubtably give you the confidence to communicate with clarity & precision.

Begins March 2020

March 20th-22nd

April 17th-19th

May 22nd-24th

June 19th-21st

July 17th-19th

August 21st-23rd

September 18-20th

October 23rd-25th

Daily Schedule
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch

Pricing & Payment Plans

Times & dates subject to change. Please review Terms and Conditions.