Class Schedule | Wild Mountain Yoga Classes 2018 – Wild Mountain Yoga Studio

Limited Classes This Weekend

Due to our event, The History of Yoga, some classes will be cancelled this weekend.

The following classes are cancelled…


10:30am R&R with Amanda, NC

10:45am R&R with Brit, NC
4:00pm Yogahour with Charlotte, NC
5:30pm Hatha Blend with Charlotte, NC

9:15am Hatha Blend with Amanda, NC

9:30am Hatha Blend with Amanda, NC
11:00am Hatha Blend with Brit, NC


8:30-9:30amYogahour Ross O’BrienNevada City
9:00-10:30amHatha Blend Brit FosterNevada City
9:30-10:30amYogahourMichelle HorstmanGrass Valley
10:45-12noonR&RBrit FosterNevada City
4:00-5:00pmYogahourMichelle HorstmanNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahourAmanda Serene DozalGrass Valley
4:30-5:30pmKids YogaCara KrpalekGrass Valley
Jai Dev SinghNevada City
6:00-7:30pmR&RRoss O’BrienGrass Valley
6:30-7:30pmYogahourGraham HayesGrass Valley


6:00-7:00amYogahour Ross O’BrienNevada City
8:30-9:30am YogahourCharlotte PizzellaNevada City
9:30-10:30amYogahourMary CascinoGrass Valley
10:30-12noon R&RGraham HayesNevada City
4:00-5:00pm YogahourGraham HayesNevada City
4:00-5:00pm Youth Yoga ages 4-8 yrs Cara KrpalekNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahour Shannon ScottGrass Valley
5:30-7:00pm Kundalini VajrapramNevada City
5:30-7:00pm Hatha BlendMichelle HorstmanNevada City
6:30-7:30pmYogahour Charlotte PizzellaGrass Valley
7:30-8:30pmMovement & Meditation VajrapranamNevada City


8:30-9:30amYogahour Graham HayesNevada City
9:00-10:30amHatha BlendAmanda Serene Dozal
Nevada City
9:30-10:30amYogahourMichelle HorstmanGrass Valley
4:00-5:00pmYogahourAmanda Serene DozalNevada City
4:00-5:00pmYouth Yoga ages 7-12 Hari SadhanaNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahour Michelle HorstmanGrass Valley
5:30-7:00pmKundalini Hari SadhanaNevada City
5:30-7:00pm1st Wed Hatha Hell
2nd Wed Vinyasa
3rd Wed Mens Hatha
1st Wed Amanda Serene Dozal
2nd Wed Graham Hayes
3rd Wed Ross O’Brien
Nevada City
6:30-7:30pmYogahour Zoe Van GyseghemGrass Valley
7:30-9:00pmBlue Mountain MeditiationMary JaneNevada City


6:00-7:00amYogahourRoss ObrienNevada City
8:30-9:30amYogahourCharlotte PizzellaNevada City
9:30-10:30amYogahourMary CascinoGrass Valley
10:30-12:00pmR&R CancelledAmanda Serene DozalNevada City
4:00-5:00pmYogahour Graham HayesNevada City
4:00-5:00pmKids Yoga Cara KrpalekNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahour Mary CascinoGrass Valley
5:45-7:15pmKundaliniJai Dev SinghNevada City
6:00-7:30pmR&RRoss O’BrienGrass Valley
6:30-7:30pmYogahourZoe Van GyseghemGrass Valley
7:30-8:30pmMovement and MeditationVajrapranamNevada City


8:30-9:30amYogahourGraham HayesNevada City
9:00-10:30amHatha Blend Amanda Serene DozalNevada City
9:30-10:30amYogahourShannon ScottGrass Valley
Brit FosterNevada City
4:00-5:00pmYogahour CancelledCharlotte PizzellaNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahourShannon ScottGrass Valley
5:30-7:00pmHatha Blend CancelledCharlotte PizzellaNevada City
6:30-7:30pmYogahourBrit FosterGrass Valley


9:00-10:00YogahourCourtney MerrickGrass Valley
9:15-10:45amHatha Blend CancelledAmanda Serene Dozal

Nevada City
11:00-12:30pmKundalini Chelsea DoboshNevada City
12:15-1:15pmYogahourCourtney MerrickGrass Valley


5-7:30amSadhana 1st Sunday of the month Hari SadhanaNevada City
9:30-11:00amHatha Blend Cancelled Amanda Serene DozalGrass Valley
11:00-12:30pmHatha Blend CancelledBrit FosterNevada City
4:30-5:30pmYogahour CancelledCharlotte PizzellaGrass Valley
Rotating staff- Ross, Brit and ZoeNevada City
5:00-6:30pmKundaliniVajrapranamNevada City

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