Your Guides & Guidesses


Amanda Serene Dozal

Studio Owner/Director E-RYT 500
Amanda is known for her passionate, precise and articulate approach to teaching. Unifying the technical with the mystical, she believes in a foundational approach to understanding the complex system of yoga.

Zoe Van Gyseghem

Studio Manager
Zoe focuses on strength, stability, proper alignment, and breath-initiated movement. Her love for the practice translates into an accessible and simultaneously challenging class.

Jai Dev Singh

Kundalini Yoga
Jai Dev is a yogi, teacher and practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine. He has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over ten years and posseses great knowledge and experience of the yogic and ayurvedic sciences.

Hari Sadhana Kaur

Hari Sadhana Kaur is a devoted yogini who truly enjoys sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Adam Kistner

I have found that Yoga and intentionally connecting to a felt sense of embodiment is one of the best antidotes to our cerebral culture and the constant demands of modern life.

Charlotte Pizzella

At a young age I was deeply struck by the power of the practice....
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Seren Rubens

Seren weaves intelligent physical alignment with heartfelt intention in a way that invites students to slow down, tune into their bodies, and fall in love with their own wise and wild hearts.
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Taya Malakian

Taya has a deep love for Kundalini yoga and meditation. She committed to a spiritual path early on…

Brit Foster

As a teacher, my aim is to share these invaluable teachings, and to encourage everyone to open themselves up to the possibility of transformation in their bodies and lives.
Graham Hayes

Graham Hayes

Studio Administrator
Graham instructs a dynamic, disciplined class with a dry sense of humor
Nancy Shanteau Yoga

Nancy Shanteau

Nancy loves yoga for its ability to open our bodies to greater feeling, flexibility and connection...
Chelsea Dobosh

Chelsea Dobosh

Kundalini yoga was the first yoga class Chelsea ever took. She found an unique authenticity that resonated with her…
Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill

Deborah has been teaching for nine years. She studied under Baba Hari Dass in Traditional Ashtanga yoga

Ruben Polansky

Ruben offers dynamic yoga, incorporating the flow and challenge of Ashtanga, the stillness and strength of Iyengar